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Sweet boy Chico came to the Onslow County shelter as a stray. We are unsure how he received his injuries, but this lovable pup had two wounded rear legs, and as we found out, he also has a break in his left rear femur which will require surgery. Surgery has been scheduled and pins will be placed in Chico's femur until it heals properly. The veterinarian is confident that he will be a happy healthy boy once healed. Shelter staff tells us what a wonderful boy Chico is, and how he loves to snuggle. During his treatment, he will be in a foster home which will provide him the best possible environment for healing. Friends of Animal Services is proud to be able to sponsor Chico's surgery and care, but treatment such as this can be in upwards of $1,000. You can make a tax deductible donation to FOAS to support Chico, and to ensure that we continue to help those like him at the shelter with advanced medical needs. 

Your tax deductible gift helps us to provide needed medical care to our shelter friends like Chico. If you would like to help Chico on his path to wellness, please consider donating. With your support, homeless animals with medical challenges can get the treatments that they need for a brighter, healthier  future.

Meet Chico!