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Success Stories

With your support, FOAS is able to provide medical treatments which would otherwise be out of reach with the limited budget of our County Shelter. Here are some of our success stories:


Marley was confiscated by Onslow County Animal Control Officers when he was found chained in a yard, neglected, and with a tumor that had been permitted to grow, unchecked, for more than a year. The tumor had grown so large that it was dragging on the ground. When it was determined that surgery was an option for Marley, there was no question what must be done. Shelter management came to FOAS and asked if we could help. There was a time when treatment for Marley, financially would not have been an option at our shelter, but your support allowed FOAS to provide the funding for his surgery. Marley is now happy, healthy and living the good life in his forever home.

Our Mission

Our missions is simple: To enhance the quality of life for the animals of the Onslow County Shelter.


Miss Layla arrived at the Onslow shelter, having been neglected and abused to the point of a tether growing into her neck. Emergency surgery was required to remove the cord, as well as it was discovered that Layla was also heartworm positive. FOAS sponsored both Layla's surgery and heartworm treatment, and we are happy to say this beautiful girl is now the owner of a healthy heart and is a joy to her adoptive family.

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 Through your generosity,  we can make a difference. We thank you for your support. 


Emmett arrived at the shelter, emaciated, timid, and testing positive for heartworms. With Friends of Animal Services support, he was placed in a foster home where he was able to build his confidence, put on some much needed weight, and receive the treatment he needed for a healthy heart. The cost of heartworm treatment is normally out of reach for our county shelter, but your support provided the opportunity to help this pup. We are happy to report that Emmett is now heartworm free, healthy, and loving life with his adoptive family. 

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